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Inventory Control Software complete with Electrical Items database

AccountPro Electrical contractors inventory Software helps to assist in making purchasing decisions, purchase costs may be compared between vendors, including historical purchasing data which may be kept on file as long as required for every purchase made, including costs for items purchased and from which vendor.
Manufacturer: AccountPro Software Inc
Manufacturer part number: 446M-WDL

Inventory Control Software complete with Electrical Items database -- Windows (PC)

All modules come with 90 days free software updates via download, 30 days technical support via email from date of order and include a 300 plus page user guide in PDF format for each module ordered.


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One time cost. No recurring, annual or monthly costs.

Comes complete with an Electrical database with items (to which you may add your own) commonly used in the Electrical Construction Industry. All items may be edited, descriptions, pricing, etc. Items in the database may also be deleted, or you may add items to the database as commonly used in your business.

  • The module tracks item usage and purchasing costs, and maintains inventory at optimum levels at set by management.
  • Multiple branches allow you to specify an ID when entering stock transactions, transfers between branches, jobs, trucks or warehouses.
  • A "Branch" may represent an actual branch, warehouse, van or truck.

Detail Features

  • Facilitates grouping of items by class (categories) to control:
    • Inventory
    • Cost of Sales
    • Revenue
    • Tax Rates
    • Item Selection
    • Report & List printing
    • Display in pop-up windows
  • Handles:
    • Loading of Inventory Quantities
    • Stock Receipts
    • Stock Issued
  • To assist in assessing the correctness of purchase costs as shown on a vendors invoice when entering inventory stock receipts, a pop-up window is displayed for the item, indicating Low, High, Current, Last and Average Costs for the item.
  • The item cost in the master database file may be updated manually, or automatically, using a number of options available in the module.
  • Options to update Item Costs from Inventory Control Stock Receipts postings.
    • Update Methods:
      • M = Manually
      • A = Average
      • L = Last Cost

Item Detail

  • Item details (partial listing) consist of:
    • Item ID of up to 20 alphanumeric characters and a Description up to 45 characters
    • Class ID to 8 alphanumeric characters
    • 7 levels of Unit Pricing to $99,999,999.999999
    • Supplier Catalog number
    • Vendor ID to 12 alphanumeric characters
    • Cost
    • Alternate Vendor ID
    • Alternate Cost
    • Manufacturer ID
    • MSRP - Manufacturer Suggested Resell Price
    • UPC number
    • Warehouse location or bin number to 12 alphanumeric characters
    • Lot numbers to 20 alphanumeric characters
    • Serial numbers to 20 alphanumeric characters


  • The Assemblies option may be used to create assemblies or kits from any number of products (components of the assembly or kit) from the master product database. Entry of an assembly ID into the inventory module will automatically update inventory with all of the components complete with component quantities as specified in the assembly.

Reports & Lists

  • Inventory reports may be printed from the module at any time and as often as required and are not dependent on period or month end closings
  • A list of items in the master file may be sorted in a number of ways before printing.
  • The Suggested Re-Order Purchasing report shows current inventory items which are below the user defined re-order level. It also shows sub-totals of the Dollar value by Class, and total Dollar value required to purchase all items suggested in the report.
  • The Electrical Inventory software module lists:
    • On Hand quantities
    • Cycle Count Audit Report
    • Minimum stocking quantities desired
    • Maximum stocking quantities desired
    • Replacement method (4 options)
  • Physical count report assists in taking an inventory count, eliminating the physical writing down of items and descriptions when doing a inventory count.
  • Inventory may be printed by warehouse and shelve location for stock taking.
  • Inventory Trial Balance report indicates Quantities and Dollar values with sub-totals by class.
  • Maintains a detailed audit trail of all transactions.
  • Prints a picking list for stock issued.
  • Prints a proof list of all transactions entered.


  • The Inventory module tracks purchased cost indicating, Low, High, Current, Last and Average Costs per item.


  • Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.
  • Windows 64 bit require AccountPro Platinum versions.
  • Memory: 512MB RAM minimum.
  • Internet connection to download program. Not required to run programs.
  • PDF Reader required to open, read, save and or print the User Guide.
  • This product is available via download only.


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