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Job Costing Software is a powerful standalone program with full interfacing with other AccountPro Software. Provides accurate Job Costs and Units used with comparisons from Estimating.
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Manufacturer part number: 460M-WDL

Job Costing Overview

No Annual or Recurring fees. One time payment only.

Also see AccountPro Platinum Job Costing User Guide Table of Contents & Index.

Platinum Project Management Job  Costing Platinum Software may be used as a standalone Job Costing or Project Costing module and optionally interfaced with the Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Inventory Control, Payroll, Purchase Orders and Estimating Software.

The Project Management Job Costing module provides for orderly job cost accounting and detailed tracking of labor hours, billings, material and labor costs as well as units and labor hours.


Contractors Project Management and Manufacturers will find the Job Costing module detailed tracking and reporting capabilities simple, yet powerful and flexible.


  • The number of Jobs you may establish is unlimited as are the number of transactions you may place into each job.
  • Distribution breakdown by division (job phase) and sub-division (job sub-phase) of costs and labor in job is unlimited and are establised by the user.
  • In addition to costs expended for a Job, the Job Costing module also tracks, in detail, billings associated with each Job.
  • Payroll details may be entered directly into the Project Management Job Costing module from time sheets if the AccountPro Payroll module is not installed, or updated automatically from the AccountPro Payroll module if installed. Job Costing tracks both dollar costs and hours from the U.S. Payroll or Canadian Payroll Software.
  • For companies doing both U.S. and Canadian Payroll, both may be installed on one system and automatically update Job Costs without re-entry of Job Costs or Payroll data when the payroll transaction entries are posted.
  • In addition to numerous reports, a totals pop-up window quickly displays a summary of contract amount, billings, costs, units including labor hours, accumulated to-date for a particular job, change or work order.
  • Job Cost reports may be printed in full or summary detail filtered by user selected criteria such as for example, job phase and sub phase.
  • If the optional AccountPro Estimating module is installed, an estimate may be imported into Job Costing.
  • Serial numbers may be tracked by postings from the Job Costing or Inventory Control module.
  • Year-end closing of the General Ledger does not affect job cost details in the Job Costing module.

Breakdown of costs to Job Phases

  • Cost and units, including labor hours (labour hours), may be distributed to as many Divisions (Job Phases) and Sub-Divisions (Job-Sub-Phases) as you wish to establish.
  • Job Phases may be identified by up to 8 alphanumeric characters.
  • The user may establish any number of divisions and sub-divisions, including job phase breakdowns for such items as: mobilization, overhead, supervision, engineering, drafting, layout, miscellaneous, manufacturing, sub-contracts, shop work, field work, installation, etc.
  • Job Phase Distribution needs to be established only once for all Jobs. Only job phases established by the user with costs will be shown in the reports. The user may add, change or delete job-phases and sub-phases anytime. Standard construction industry codes may be used.
  • To track actual, committed and estimated (or budgeted) costs, the following transaction types may be used when entering data into the Job Costing module:
    • Actual Costs, units and labor hours.
    • Estimated Costs, units and labor hours.
    • Committed Costs, units and labor hours.

Committed Cost Reporting

  • By tracking committed costs and units, for example, purchase orders, contracts and sub-contracts committed by job, the job costing module can provide reporting on the total amount of units and dollars that have been committed to a job versus the actual costs to-date versus units and costs.


  • Job Cost Entries, in addition to transaction type, and breakdowns into job phases and job sub-phases as established by the user, are also tracked by the following categories:
    • Material
    • Rental
    • Sub-Contract
    • Other
    • Labor
    • Labor Burden

Job Cost Billings

  • Billing transactions (invoicing) for a project may be entered directly into the Job Costing module, or updated from the Accounts Receivable or Invoicing Software.
  • To track base contract billings and contract extras,  billing transaction types may be one of the following:
    • Base Contract billings
    • Contract Extras Billings
  • Provision to specify a Change or Work Order number.

Job Costing Reports

  • Several comprehensive job cost reports are available and indicate, amount billed to-date, costs, hours, units, each with the option to provide information in detailed or summary format.
  • Report may be printed for just a portion of a job, or specified time periods.
  • Variance reports provide management with a quick and effective analysis of Actual, Committed and Estimated (budget) costs, hours and units.
  • Ability to filter report by 1099 vendors.

Audit Trail

  • A comprehensive audit trail is maintained indicating full detail such as, for example, original suppliers invoice number, reference, units, job phase, sub-phase, payroll employee ID, hours, etc.

Job Cost History

  • Full detail is kept for each Job for as long a period as the user wishes to keep a Job on file.

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